RGU is committed to designs that are responsive to the environment as well as to the owner's program requirements. Buildings impact our ecosystem 
and through creative and collaborative design, we can have a direct effect in making buildings more accountable while improving the built environment. When a client is committed to environmentally friendly design, we work 
with them. LEED CERTIFIED STAFF We have LEED Accredited Professionals on staff and are continually striving to assist our clients in incorporating sustainable design features into all of our projects, whether or not the project will become LEED Certified. Some of these sustainable features include: Renewable Energy Sources High-Efficiency HVAC Systems Energy Management Systems Occupancy Sensors and Occupant Thermal & Lighting Controls Low VOC Materials Materials with High Recycled Content Materials and Systems with Long Life Cycles Materials and Systems with Low Operations & Maintenance and Replacement Costs Construction Recycling and Waste Management Rainwater Capture and Re-use Drought-Resistant Landscaping LEED Sustainability Home Work About News Contact

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