Client: Scope: Walla Walla Community College 5,000 sq ft Project Description: Walla Walla Community College’s Wind Energy Program was operating out of a trailer and needed a large open lab instruction area to advance its program. Long Term Goals of the College include the creation of a Sustainable Technology Corridor. Therefore the ideal placement was to add onto a 1974 Spokane Worlds Fair Building in close proximity to the New Water Resource Center. Creative project features include a rooftop repel platform to assist in the teaching of climbing and repelling off of the Wind Mills. Goals and Objectives for the Wind Energy Technology Center included: Providing Active Learning Opportunities Providing Space for Collaborative Training and Education Opportunities with Business and Industry Providing an Environmentally Sustainable Facility Create Facility to Foster Co-Curricular Engagement and Learning Opportunities Create Facility as a Recruitment Tool for Potential Students Enhancing the Sustainable Technology Corridor Concept